Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If I came from Terror Mountain...

If I came from Terror Mountain, my life would be very different from what it is now. I would probably be a cave woman and not a teacher. I would look different too. I think I would be very scary and it would be very cold where I lived.
As a cave woman, I would probably spend most of my time hunting and finding food. I would probably need to spend a lot of time trying to keep warm too, since Terror Mountain looks like a cold place to live. I would live in a cave and not have a comfortable house like I do now. I would not have a car or have money. But I would also not have to work, so I can spend all day hanging around and looking for food to eat.
I would also look pretty different if I was a cave woman from Terror Mountain. Judging from the picture of the cave people on Terror Mountain, I would probably have fur to stay warm, horns, red eyes, long nails, big ears and a really big tail.
As a cave woman from Terror Mountain, I'll look pretty scary. Those red eyes would really terrify people in the towns. I think I might have some fun at first scaring people, but deep down, I would want people to get to know me and be my friends-- not be scared of me. I will look pretty scary to normal people, but I will stay very nice on the inside. This way, people will realize that not all scary-looking cave people are actually mean. That said, I think I'll still practice my growl.